Which Landing Page software will make your Practice an Elite Player? Choosing the Best Landing Page Software for your Practice

Now if you’re going to have tremendous success with any form of online advertising you’re going to need to commit to a landing page software and as you’re about to learn they’re all good for different things so it’s critical you choose the right one for your practice/s.

So leadpages is the first type and is the most basic of all landing pages so for almost all medical practice owners this is going to be your best bet at only $30 a month per account for any Facebook retargeting or YouTube retargeting. As you’re only running a basic funnel i.e. landing page and then a thank you page as a local business owner you don’t need anything complex like Clickfunnels which we’ll get into further down this article. Either way for most medical practice owners this is your best bet plus they have a great support service.

Now Clickfunnels is a highly hyped up service and quite honestly isn’t worth the $97 investment per month although you do get 14 days for free initially. It’s a complex software and you just don’t need to be building super complex funnels as a medical practice owner until you’ve established a real successful foundation with Google adwords & Bing so I’d highly suggest giving this service a miss just on the basis you don’t need all the goodies they offer. Yes they actually send you a free t-shirt.

Now these next 2 services are interesting and by the way all 4 services I will be mentioning in this article are the only 4 you should be choosing from as all the others outside of this aren’t worth your time except creating landing pages from your website. So Mobile Opt In is arguably the most powerful form of landing page as all pages are optimized for the mobile specifically and 75% of all FB traffic and almost all local business traffic is going to come from the mobile phone. So it wouldn’t make sense to be optimising for anything but the mobile phone. However this software costs a minimum of $2,000 which most business owners aren’t prepared to pay for. Although a great substitute to Mobile Opt in is Unbounce at $99 but even still you get a 30 day trial for this to see if it’s truly worth your investment.

Adwords however is going to be different. Google hates all third party landing page software and really doesn’t like you sending traffic plainly to your website without any real custom landing page. As a result you have 2 options. Either build your landing pages inside of your website, which if it’s been coded poorly I’d suggest against this option or build landing pages which you can just upload to the same server your website is hosted on. Yes your web team will know exactly what you mean by this. You’ll have to spend money on getting these extra landing pages built and really good ones will cost upwards of $500 which is a bigger investment but is a much higher reward in comparison to Facebook ads.

Either way make your choice from these 5 sources and weigh up which one is going to be most beneficial to your business. So until next time…

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