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Callum Davies
October 10th, 2017
Google Adwords

When Callum Davies 22, of Bristol, was in high school his grades were a major part of his life. “I used to really badly want to beat everyone in my classes at each subject and of course it was something I took great pride in”, he says. However, on his final major results day, things didn’t turn out the way he wanted. “I thought I was destined to go to a specific top university and was completely crushed on that day because I felt like a big part of where I was meant to go I felt had been taken away from me”, says Davies.

Fortunately, he quickly realized there were other potential university options out there which sparked a new opportunity. “I knew going to a different university was my most ideal option at the time and it’s strange how I felt oppressed as I had the feeling this was my only option”, he mentions. It wasn’t until his second year of university where he’d not only switched subjects from History to Politics but then decided to drop out of university completely and try something completely different. “After leaving university I tried a few different jobs in sales and banking but frankly I just felt demoralized which at the time was the norm where I worked and I’m extremely grateful for what happened next”, recalls Davies…

You’ll discover the incredible depth of our founder Callum Davies & why we only work with Medical & Law practices in this article:

  • What made you decide to focus on Google Adwords and PPC?
  • What is it about Adwords which causes such a high failure rate for local businesses?
  • How is your agency different from any other agency offering Google Adwords and PPC?
  • Tell me about your stand on Facebook advertising and social media marketing.
  • How did you learn about Google Adwords?
  • When you met your mentor, did you have much income to rely on?
  • How did you get so good at internet marketing so quickly?
  • What have been your major turning points?
  • How do you feel 97% marketing agencies currently are going wrong?

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