Why aren’t you Leveraging the most Powerful Facebook Advertising to bring Patients to your Practice? The REAL Reason behind Successful FB Ad Campaigns

Yes this answer is likely one which you won’t be expecting because not enough people talk about it let alone actually implementing it. So the real key is is your Facebook Pixel and the reason for this is the more you advertise the more data you’ll get on your account and the more data you have the more information you’re giving to your pixel on the best people to target each and every time with minimal targeting.

The real point is the more you harness your pixel the far less targeting you’ll need to use each time so the more people you’ll have to play with in your audience and as a result, more targeted prospects means far more sales. A great example of this is my client down in Orlando we started with Clicks because he had no data on his account and then we got enough data to switch to website conversions and after that, it was relatively easy to get 80+ leads a month for his business.

Once you truly understand not only the power of the Facebook pixel but also how to harness it and use it you’ll start to steam roll everybody else because you’ll literally be spending $100 and able to turn that into $5000-$10,000 each time because your ad is getting put in front of the right people each time. Now can you see the real potential of doing this…?

Now most people don’t get to this stage because they usually hire a sub-average marketer who can’t get them the results they want and from then on they’ll discredit the importance of FB ads and then stop advertising on the platform completely. So it’s not exactly surprising business owners miss out on this incredible tool because they don’t hire the right marketer in the first place which is going to completely ruin your pixel as their targeting likely won’t be very good. So choose the right marketer for the job!

Anyway this is an incredible important topic for all local business owners so I’d highly suggest researching this more or reaching out to me for more questions on this because once you either master this yourself or find someone who has mastered it then you’ll really be tapping into massive success on this advertising platform. Until next time…

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