Even Fortune 500 Companies Ask for Our Help: Our Personal Way of Nuking your Lack of Phone Calls from Online Marketing Forever

So once again this is the final piece of the puzzle and if this isn’t optimized then your call volume is going to be extremely low. I’ve had experience with this myself where I’ve ended up getting clients 10 times the amount of leads at a much lower cost than any other marketer they’ve ever… worked with but their call and sale ratio was only a little higher than last time. Remember business owners don’t care how many leads you get them or at what cost, all they care about are Calls and then Sales on the backend which of course won’t happen if you don’t optimize the thank you page like I didn’t do initially.

Now, the thank you page is the 3rd step of the equation here from the Ad, then landing page and then finally the thank you page. Firstly you must re-create that same level of urgency you did on the ad and on the landing page either through words or you can split test that with a countdown timer which I find can be extremely effective especially on a discounted offer.

Not only that but you now have a chance to introduce the owner’s face and actually identity so the prospect knows exactly who they’ll be treated by alongside reinforcing more and more social proof. Social proof is king so you must keep reinforcing it throughout as much as you can on the landing pages and thank you pages because if other people don’t have much of an opinion about your business why would new prospects care?

The final aspect of the thank you page is you must make a bold CTA at the very top of the page giving them the number to call because if you only put the number at the bottom you cannot expect out of the goodness of people’s hearts to scroll down and help you. So make this bold and obvious to see so the prospect knows they have a very limited amount of time to call that specific number and there’s all these other people on the page who are reinforcing how good the service actually is. The point is all of this is gradually adding up and climaxing the prospect to finally call in and the this process is built to obtain daily calls because it sets the prospect up in the right way so when they do reach the end they’ll call.

Anyway that’ll be all for this, next will be retargeting which is seriously going to help everyone here know how to do it the way it should be done. Until next time…

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