The Most Liberating Epiphany for Medical & Law Practices that will allow you to Obtain ROI unlike you have before from Google Adwords

Look it’s clear now after writing over 50 published articles on Google adwords that it’s clearly the advertising platform every single Medical & Law practice needs to be on. Now there’s so many reasons as to why this is and reasons which far stretch this article but if there’s some of you who love to take action right away then go out and find a badass at Google adwords for your practice because I can tell you this, if they’re good it’ll be one of the smartest decisions you’ve ever made from an investment standpoint.

So let’s talk budget. With Google Adwords especially for auto injury you need a much higher budget as you’re paying per click and on average even in the smaller cities below 100,000 population the average can still be $5 a click. Now contrast that to Google adwords with Clickfraud technology where every single dollar is going towards a real person and as a result a real potential enquiry and it’s pretty evident which one you’d prefer…

Now most people run adwords wrong so that means even me being in another city far away from your business I’d still be able to see your ad but what use is that? There is no use because I’m not in any position to come into your business and I’ve just cost you $5 for no reason whatsoever. Yet with proper set up of the platform to prevent this from happening, you only allow potential patients to be within a specific radius of your practice depending on if you’d prefer go National. No wasted budget means a much higher chance of obtaining a very high return.

Alright let’s move to the targeting capabilities of Google which besides Facebook are far more complex and in depth than any other advertising platform out there right now. The more in depth your targeting the much higher potential you have for reaching your ideal patients who are not only most likely to buy from you but also are most likely to spend the most money with you as a lifetime patient. You plain and simply don’t get this power if you hired an ineffective agency which 97% of you reading this article have already done or are currently doing.

So the decision is up to you but I know for most of you here, you don’t want to be maximizing budget and minimizing ROI when instead you’d prefer to be doing the exact opposite. So until next time…

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