About us

We’re the World’s Leading Online Advertising Agency Specialising in producing more than 1001% ROI each month for Medical Practices & Law Firms.

We’ve been fortunate & successful enough to have been featured on major news publications such as Fox, NBC, CNN, Sacramento Bee, The Charlotte Observer and even authored the new definitive bible for Facebook & Google Advertising. No matter the level of success or failure you’ve experienced from digital marketing agencies, we guarantee with absolute certainty we can provide your Medical or Law practice success you’ve not yet imagined.  

Illuminate Digital is the premier authority for all Pay Per Click services for Medical & Law Practices. If you’ve yet to position your business on Google Adwords, Bing & the Google Display Network, then you’re falling drastically behind.

Why work with us?

We're one of the only Digital agencies acquiring this level of ROI for Medical & Law Practices

We’re consistently obtaining on average over 1001% ROI every single month for each of our clients. Would it be ridiculous of us to assume your practice could benefit from this level of ROI?

Clickfraud Technology

We’re apart of the 0.01% of all online advertising agencies in the western hemisphere to use Clickfraud technology on all our client’s PPC campaigns. 60-70% of all your current clicks aren’t even real people. Would you be open to maximising your PPC Budget properly?

You can't lose

In 5 minutes we’ll know whether we can help you & your practice. In addition, if we both decide we’re a good fit to work together the entire process is completely and 100% guaranteed through PayPal. You either get a fantastic ROI or you get your money back.

Our mission

We understand the struggle. We also understand exactly why your PPC campaigns aren’t seeing the level of success you’ve been imagining. We take practices from zero to hero on PPC in a matter of months. We refuse to allow another Medical or Law practice to have to experience the struggle of poor PPC results.

Below is just a tiny glimpse of what we’ve currently got going on for our clients. Remember, we’re specialists just like you.

  • More High Value Patients for your Medical Practice.
  • Minimizing your Budget & Maximizing your Return on every single dollar you spend on Online Marketing.
  • The Last Time your Practice is ever Overshadowed by your Competitors on Google.
  • Shifting your Potential patient’s consciousness from your competitor’s business directly onto yours.
  • Generating each client on average 1001% ROI.
  • Real Long Term PPC success DEFINED.

Our Clientele

Google Adwords 57%
Bing Ads 19%
Search Engine Optimization 13%
Google Display Network 11%

Our team

  • Callum Davies

    Chief Executive Officer

    The World's Authority in Google Adwords and Pay Per Click marketing, Callum Davies.

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  • Immy Tariq

    Head of Social Media & Reputation Management

    The Lead of ID's Head of Social Media & Reputation Management Divison, Immy Tariq.

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  • Peter Cretu

    Head of Google Adwords

    The World's Authority in Google Adwords & the Lead of ID's Google Adwords Division himself, Peter...

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