About us

World Leading Digital Agency Specializing in helping Practices & Contractors with PPC Solutions. 

We’ve been fortunate & successful enough to have been featured on major news publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fox, NBC, Sacramento Bee, The Charlotte Observer and even been best selling authors for Google Ads. 

Why work with us?

Get at least a 500% ROI in the first 90 days with us.

We’re currently producing at least a 500% ROI for our clients within the first 90 days of starting campaigns. 

We have a 97% Success Rate

Over the past 5 years, we’ve continued to refine and improve our PPC strategies to ensure at least 9 out of 10 clients will see huge success with us. 

Clients stay with us for at least 2 years

Because of the consistency of our strategies, our average client retention is 2 years.

Our mission

We understand the struggle. After 5 years, it’s very clear to us why you’re A. Not generating the ROI from your current online marketing campaigns and B. Haven’t had much success with online marketing in the past. 

Below is just a tiny glimpse of what we do differently for our clients to ensure a 97% success rate. Remember, we’re specialists just like you.

  • Using Google Map Ads to ensure you’re not missing out on at least 50% of all Google inquiries.
  • Click Fraud Technology to make sure you’re not losing at least 30% of your ad spend a month on false clicks.
  • Advanced Ad Copy so you’re not advertised as a commodity like all your competitors. You’re a specialist, so why advertise as a commodity?
  • Weekly Optimization to ensure your campaigns bring in more customers each week vs stalling after 90 days.
  • Laser targeted Negative Keywords to maximize ROI.

Our Clientele

Google Adwords 89%
Bing Ads 41%
Map SEO 23%

Our team

Looking for good return from your online marketing?