Be a Realist not an Idealist – Stop Idealizing why Google Adwords isn’t the best Marketing platform for ROI & Hire a Skilled Agency who can Consistently get you Quality Results for Good

If it’s not obvious already that Google adwords gives you by far the highest potential to obtain the most ROI from any advertising platform for local businesses besides the Google Display network. The initial reason for this is to compete and dominate successfully on Google you don’t need massive budgets like you would need for Google adwords if you’re leveraging Quality score, Relevance & Clickfraud technology properly.

Most of the time however with Google adwords you’re competing against people who have extremely large budgets i.e. $10,000 a month which quite frankly there’s not much point in trying to compete with that initially unless you hire an agency who can completely manipulate your competitors weakness. 97% of agencies don’t know how to do this. Once you start manipulating these obvious weaknesses it only becomes a matter of time before you outrank them regardless of their budget.

You must understand too that most of the competition either don’t understand the real value of Google adwords or they’ve hired one of the 97% of marketing agencies who end up doing a mediocre job. Now with Google adwords it’s much easier to single handily knock out your competition which makes it much easier to take the majority of quality patients each month because if you knock your competitors who else is going to take the business?

Finally here the whole strategy with Google adwords is you want to be advertising your most profitable services because that way you can easily spend $5 for a lead and $2 a click and acquire one customer for your $2,000 service. Compare the ROI with newspaper ads or TV ads where for most cities just to compete you’d need a minimum of $1,000 a month depending on your city and completely lack the targeting and analytical capabilities of Google adwords.

So hopefully this article convinced you to switch your efforts not only to Google adwords but also a high skilled agency in the platform. Remember if you’ve experienced bad results in the past it doesn’t mean the platform doesn’t work. 9 times out of 10 it’s the agency you hired. If you have any more questions please feel free to reach out to me here and we’ll go from there. Anyway until next time…


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