Local Businesses who Receive high ROI see Differentiation on Adwords this way: The Ultimate Differentiation techniques which get Results Fast with Adwords

Look, every local business owner must understand that it’s not enough to just advertise a service on Google and then immediately start to see results. Granted the concept of Google sounds incredible and for all business owners Google adwords have the power to transform your practice but only when you start differentiating yourself from your competitors and the crowd with your overall message and copywriting. Yes copywriting really makes all the difference even if you only have 120 characters on Google.

You cannot expect to run at $19 offer or run a Free consult offer and then expect great things from it because every other competitor has hired an average marketer to do that for them. So running with that tactic isn’t going to separate you from the crowd whatsoever and if anything is just going to cause you to be throwing money away which completely defeats the point of this entire process of using Google adwords. What would be the point in maximizing your budget and minimizing your ROI?

You constantly must be thinking minimizing budget and maximizing Return because as a practice owner using Google adwords is going to allow you to make 10x more profit than attorneys or whoever is at the top of your specific service you’re selling. Let them spend all the money on adwords and make very little return while you become much more strategic, take advantage of the clickfraud technology and make a much better ROI whilst outranking your top 3 competitors in the process.

Differentiating with Google adwords starts with your copywriting which all must be branded alongside your overall message flowing through your copy which by the way can’t just be you offering your service. You must go much deeper than this and figure out how you can provide more value than your competitors because when a company or someone is providing more value than everyone else word spreads extremely fast. Extremely fast. Not to mention when you start writing copy which elicits basic primal emotions such as Love, Fear, Passion etc potential patients really start to pay attention. This level of copy 9 out of 10 times wins against standard boring copy all your competitors are using.

Well that’s all for this one, until next time…