Our Client’s Google Adwords Campaigns Feel like a Heroic Movie: How to Literally make your Google Adword campaigns end like a Hollywood Movie

Yes this is a long winded answer… But this is a critical concept that is very important for you or your current agency to master if you want the highest success with Google adwords and even if you don’t need that success now, you’ll very likely desire it in the future when all your referral sources run dry and believe me they will. Initially though, this is the sole concept which allows smaller companies to make 10x better return than larger firms and as a result scale their business without having to spend thousands of dollars a month on online advertising platforms with no real ROI to show for it.

So let’s start with targeting. You must figure out what you ideal patient avatar is and once you’ve figured that out you must then delve into Google targeting and use all the articles I’ve currently written about how to master Google targeting for your practice. Once you have this figured out now you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to reach these people fast like you’d have to for a national business. Instead you have a limited audience in the first place so you don’t have to go all guns blazing to reach these people so fast.

Once you have you targeting figured out you must start testing copy and more specifically start testing your message you want to convey to potential patients i.e. We’re a practice who rarely does these kind of offers and when we do they sell out faster than a light switch turning off… It doesn’t matter how great your audience is if you can’t convey to them what you’re offering to them in the best possible way. Even the people who are so interested will likely get turned off simply because you didn’t present your piece of bait in the most optimal way for your audience. Copy matters. Plain and simple. Regardless of how well you think your agency may know the Google platform, it means nothing if they’re unable to write high quality compelling copy to your ideal potential patients.

Now landing pages to this whole concept are everything. You better make sure all landing pages are mobile optimized because 90% of your traffic to your business doors from online advertising will come from the mobile phone. Not only that but the pages themselves must be easy to navigate and very simple for people to click the main button you want them to click on. Your landing pages MUST be built inside of your website or uploaded to the server your website is hosted on otherwise you’ll be penalised. Not to mention why you’d ever want to send high quality traffic you’re paying for from Google just to your website with all those distractions.

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