Callum Davies
August 6th, 2018
Success Habits

In June 2016, I had nothing.

I had just been fired from my 2nd job in 2 months after only 3 days working there.

Of course I was happy I didn’t have to work there anymore but in my mind I felt like I was running out of options.

It wasn’t until I took a leap of faith to invest in a online social media program I met my mentor who taught me the importance of these habits. I hadn’t heard anyone else speaking about them which was strange to me at the time because of how effective these habits are.

Let’s now talk about the 5 habits…

NOT being a Snowflake

This one is very interesting & I owe a lot of credit to The 50 Billion Dollar man Dan Pena for this concept. It simply means you don’t want to be a person who constantly takes offense at what people say to you.

A company I used to work with was a great example of this. The founder & one of his employees constantly kept getting offended at everything I said. They simply took everything I said the wrong way.

A person with high self esteem won’t get offended. They’ll laugh it off and keep moving forward. People have great difficulty with this habit because they don’t have a thick skin and I can tell you, if you don’t have a thick skin then it’s going to be very difficult for you to move up the ladder of success very quickly.

You’ll discover the incredible depth from our CEO Callum Davies the unknown success habits of billionaires:

  • Why being a snowflake is ruining your business & your life.
  • Why it’s so critically important to read at least 3 books a week and the consequences if you don’t…
  • How being a Buddha can determine success or failure in your business.
  • Why having specific mentors for each area of your life is so important and failure to have direct access to them can mean all the difference in massive success and massive failure and MUCH MUCH more.

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