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Callum Davies
November 23rd, 2018
Google Adwords

He does so by focusing on three main factors; correlation, reverse engineering and coming up with a unique value proportion. After catching up with his competitors, the flow of client he was attracting became consistent. He decided to start helping dentists, plastic surgeons and other medical practitioners been faced by the issue of competition catch up with the market’s competitors.

The whole idea of creating illuminate digital was because of the low success that the medical and law practitioners were facing by using pay per click. He would get disappointed seeing good businesses benefiting less from online marketing, While at present, anyone spending any amount on the digital market is supposed to do well. He restlessly developed his online advertising system to be used by clients to help them gain high ROI. He helps his clients become the leader in their area of profession.

You’ll discover the incredible depth of our founder Callum Davies & why we only work with Medical practices in this article on Ted:

  • What made you decide to focus on Google Adwords and PPC?
  • What is it about Adwords which causes such a high failure rate for local businesses?
  • How is your agency different from any other agency offering Google Adwords and PPC?
  • Tell me about your stand on Facebook advertising and social media marketing.
  • How did you learn about Google Adwords?
  • When you met your mentor, did you have much income to rely on?
  • How did you get so good at internet marketing so quickly?
  • What have been your major turning points?
  • How do you feel 97% marketing agencies currently are going wrong?

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