Callum Davies
October 3rd, 2018
Internal Motivation

Callum Davies, a two-time author and writer who has been featured on Forbes, as well as Entrepreneur and Ted, is pleased to announce that his newest book “The Must Have Guide to Google Adwords: How to Access Quality Customers Without Excessive Spending,” is an Amazon Bestseller.

As Davies noted, he realizes that while many people understand the importance of using the correct Adwords, they might be unsure how to go about selecting the best ones. Although there are literally thousands of books and courses that are available for people to take, knowing which one to choose can be more overwhelming and stressful than helpful.

This knowledge inspired Davies to write a book that is devoted to helping people understand how to select the best Google Adwords and remove irrelevant and traffic while also maximizing relevant traffic. From newbies to the world of Google Adwords to those who have a basic understanding of the topic but want to use them as effectively as possible, Davies’s book offers solid and helpful advice.

You’ll discover in this article…

  • Why Google Ads is the best form of paid advertising for most local businesses
  • The book also offers actionable advice on how people can improve their Google rankings in a quick and effective way.
  • This book also explains how Clickfraud technology will prevent people from wasting over half of their monthly Ad spend

Own the Must Have Guide to Google Adwords on Amazon here