Amateur Agency who Fails for Local Businesses with Adwords VS The Genius Agency who brings You 1000%+ ROI: Which one have You Hired?

Almost every single time this factor comes down to your inability to hire the right person for the job. In our mind the right person for the job is someone who is willing to back their efforts with a proper guarantee backed by PayPal for extremely limited risk, has spent thousands of dollars on their Google adwords education itself, will happily work for Free the next month if the sales aren’t made and is constantly Refining their process every single day looking for the best process.

Frankly the last point right there is one which separates the best from the average because the average only care about doing a mediocre job whereas the best marketers aren’t particularly bothered by the money but more for providing the best service. They and we desire to be known for providing the absolute best services forMedical & Law practices or whatever their niche is. There’s a reason the top marketers for local businesses in the entire world start at a minimum of $5,000 a month.

You can’t expect to obtain the result you want if the person you hired isn’t constantly testing every single angle not only of your campaign specifically but the process overall. We ourselves every single day look for different angles and new techniques of how to make this process the best for Medical & Law practice owners. If your marketer isn’t willing to do that and by the way you’ll know if they’re willing to do that if you sense their utter Desire and commitment to want to massively over deliver for you.

So all I can say now the result you get highly comes down to the person or agency you hire and for the record and we highly advise against using large agencies (more than 8 employees) just on the pure basis they pawn your work onto their employees who haven’t each spent thousands of dollars on their Google adwords education and therefore will provide a mediocre job. Just because an agency has a good amount of clients doesn’t mean they’re providing the best results or at least the results you’re looking for consistently each month. 3% of marketers overall and 1% of FB marketers can actually provide you with the results you’re wanting consistently every single month. Remember for 97% of marketing agencies 1 out of every 10 clients is successful. You only see the positive testimonials but never see the other 9 clients they’ve worked with who have gotten miserable results.

So it’s on you know to either fire your current marketer/agency or double down on them. Until next time…