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Google AdwordsHow we ensure our clients a 1001% monthly ROI.

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The search engine traffic equation

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

66% of all search engine traffic goes through Google so when Google Adwords is done properly, 40%+ of all your inbound online marketing calls can come from it. 

Key components of success for your Google adwords campaigns

Every business is different regardless of the niche or city which is why a custom strategy is key for preventing the loss of 50%+ of your ad budget and an increase in ROI. Here’s a few strategies we use to ensure this happens each time:

  • Clickfraud technology implementation right away to remove all fraudulent clicks eating away at your Google Ad budget.
  • High quality ad copy to NOT advertise you as a commodity. General marketing gets general results.
  • Strong Negative Keyword List to prevent you from spending money on a caller who isn’t a qualified prospect wanting to buy.

frequently asked questions:

All our fees are purely customized depending on you & your business’s current situation. For us to provide an investment figure, you first must take 5 minutes to fill out our discovery form above.

All that is required from you at this stage is to take 5 minutes and complete the discovery form. We won’t work with any practice who refuses to fill out our form.

We have a wide variety of options from Month to Month and Year to Year so it’s completely down to you and your situation.

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“Callum is an incredible digital marketer, he is a master in creating high quality leads and as a result working with Callum had 17 of new clients come into my business in the first 30 days of working together. I know feel confident in recommending Illuminate digital to anyone”

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