Callum DaviesCEO & Lead Strategist

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Areas of Authority
  • Providing ROI through Google Ads & Reputation Management. 
  • Google Map Ads Specialist. 
  • Cutting client’s ad spend by 70% whilst increasing new inquiries by 20%. 
  • Click Fraud Specialist.
  • Adwords Search Certification
  • Adwords Display Certification
  • HIPAA Awarness for Business Associates
  • HIPAA Awareness for Dental Offices
  • Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Meet Callum Davies, the superstar behind Illuminate Digital’s client Success. The entire creation of ID by Davies was due to the extremely low levels of success for Medical, Law Practices & Contractors through Pay Per Click & Reputation Management. You either seek out the Authority, or you lose.

Illuminate Digital Strategizes the exact roadmap from your current position, to taking advantage of your top 3 Competitors weaknesses and as a result overtaking each one of them whilst in the process spending 3-5 times less than them.

Having trained with people such as Brad Geddes, Kyle Sulerud and other large names in the digital advertising space, Callum gained authoritive status extremely quickly in the Medical & Legal arena. “To tell you the truth it was very difficult in the beginning to see all these fantastic businesses not having the level of success they deserved from online marketing” says Davies. Callum at his current stage relentlessly develops and upgrades his current Online Advertising systems for clients in order to consistently achieve this level of ROI. “One of my first clients down in Orlando had been burned by these so called “Experts” for 10 years until he started working with us and finally made $2,700 off $352 ad spend in his first 27 days just off ACT” recalls Davies. Callum’s mentality is only finding the best specialists to add to his team. Our hiring process is similar to Navy Seals school. We remove the weak and only employ the select few specialists.

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+1 786 864 0611
8584 Tavistock Lakes Blvd

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“Callum is an incredible digital marketer, he is a master in creating high quality leads and as a result working with Callum had 17 of new clients come into my business in the first 30 days of working together. I know feel confident in recommending Illuminate digital to anyone”

Ilies Kerbal
Partner, Simon-Kucher & Partners
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