Reducing your Adwords Spend by as much as 5 times is Criminal… How our Client’s are Succeeding with this & How you Can too

Overspending is a major issue with most local businesses. It’s almost as if most agencies believe that a company in their first month running Facebook ads has to spend well over $500 to get the results they want which by the way is completely far from the truth. Likewise with Google, often times agencies suggest to business owners they need to start out with a budget 3-5 times more than they need to be starting with. SO before you’ve even began advertising you’re already overspending, blowing your audience and as a result completely hurting your ROI.

Why do you think I’ve mentioned multiple times that “If you haven’t been obtaining 1000% ROI message me!” ? The reason is because it’s not all that hard to obtain those kind of return numbers especially when you not only have the right audience and the right message but most importantly you have great staff who are able to answer the phone most effectively to bring those prospects through the door. In addition you know how to effectively prevent Bots, Hackers & Google themselves from driving up your Adwords budget which by the way is responsible for 60% of your current budget right now. Yes that’s right only 30-40% of your current Adwords budget is being used on Real People.

So ideally you’re going to want to start out with roughly a $300 budget a month with Facebook ads & Adwords anything from $500 and up but again this will often change per business as every single business is different. Then you can scale up once you know you have a winner to be able to double down on. If you don’t have a winner by the 30 day mark you either need to fire your current provider or go back and read some of my other articles because finding a winner and then doubling down on it is absolutely everything.

So by the 30-day mark you’re in a great position. You’ve figured out exactly what works and by this point you’ll know how much you’ll want to invest next month in order to obtain a specific amount of patients you want to acquire. Now that’s a very powerful position to be in regardless of the size of your business. Just remember you don’t need to overspend to get there because you don’t want to blow your audience with Facebook and you don’t need to overspend to outrank your Competitors above you on Google. Once you blow your audience and blow a big portion of your Adwords budget it’s much harder to revitalise everything and keep progress going over the long term.

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