REVEALED: Why Online Marketing Penetrates through your Customer’s wall of Consciousness

The large person there represents the scale and potential of online advertising not only in general but also in comparison to local marketing i.e. Billboards, yellow pages, TV ads etc. The key reason for this comes down to one principle and that principle is ATTENTION. You must understand right from the get go people’s attention isn’t on billboards or on TV ads regardless of whether that person has a problem they want to fix.

You can’t expect to solve people’s problems if their attention isn’t on that place your advertising in the first place. People’s attention in the modern age is not necessarily on their computers anymore but more so on their phones which is why Facebook ads and Google display network are by far the most effective forms of advertising for local businesses wanting to get started with this. Of course, you can start with Google Adwords but you’re going to be spending more in the beginning in the first place so there’s no point in spending more money to get started when you can spend much less money with Facebook ads and Google display network.

The key difference maker here is the power of Facebook and Google display’s Targeting capabilities which you’re not able to achieve with any other form of online advertising let alone local advertising. You have so much more potential with these 2 platforms to be able to reach your ideal customer avatar who will most likely become lifetime customers of yours and the more lifetime customers you have the far more Return you’ll make overall. Just remember you don’t get this tool when you advertise locally.

Finally it seems one of the most important aspects of not advertising online for most local businesses is they either don’t know how to get started or who to get started with or they’ve been screwed over so many times in the past they’ve just decided to move away from it. If anyone of you have been screwed over in the past shoot me a message and we can either talk or I can point you in the right direction of the best people in their chosen fields because 97% of marketers aren’t very skilled. Either way there’s so much potential in these 2 online advertising platforms so don’t miss out because you haven’t been able to find the right marketer yet.

So my friends, until next time…

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