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Advanced medical procedures such as mole removal, wart removal etc were our main focus for this clinic. Our client prior had a website 5 years outdated and had ZERO presence on Google completely.

Your business may not be doing as well as it should from some Google traffic. Our client here had no presence whatsoever on Google due to previous providers not executing on what they said they would do. Within the first 53 days we’d spent $738 on Adwords, made $6,731 alongside the countless amount of referrals and lifetime customers from our success here. Wouldn’t you disagree that this level of ROI be valuable for your practice?

the challenge

  • Needed advanced medical procedure sales, badly:
    Advanced medical procedures had drastically declined for our client because of competitor activity and previous marketing agency’s inactivity. These types of treatment were by far where 85% of our client’s success came from.
  • Had no strong brand authority on Google:
    The previous agency had completely left our client out to dry with Google. It wasn’t really surprising how easy it was for competitors to come in, take our client’s patients and dominate the market temporarily.
  • Competitors were reaching 90% of our client’s most valuable patients first:
    It wasn’t that our client’s competitors were incredible at hiring the right marketing agency. It was down to our client’s horrendous 4 previous experiences with these agencies which allowed such ease of control over the market.

our heroic solution

  • We brought in over 61 new advanced medical patients in 53 days:
    This was the last time our client’s competitors would be able to take this many patients from our client. In 53 days we established an extremely dominate Google Adwords campaign which allowed us to completely swing the pendulum of our client’s market.
  • Regained Google’s trust:
    Prior to working with us, our client had 3 social profiles when in reality just like every local business, needed at least 200. Once we accomplished this in 48 hours, we were able to start properly leveraging Google for long term success.
  • Our client’s top 3 competitors no longer had a stronghold in our client’s city:
    The main goal here was leverage over competitors. After 53 days, our campaigns ranked in position #1 for every single keyword we went after and as a result, won’t ever allow our client’s top 3 competitors to reach position #1 again.

results speak for themselves

Wouldn’t you disagree that taking complete control of your niche in your city would improve your ROI?

Our client’s success:

  • Increased our client’s volume of advanced medical procedures patients by 540%.
  • Removed potentially 20 years of heartache being stuck behind competitors for our client’s highest valued patients.
  • Completely saved the client’s practice from extinction.
  • Previous Marketing Agencies
  • Illuminate Digital

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