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Personal Injury and Acoustic compression therapy were our main focus for this practice. Our client in 10 years hadn't made $1 from any advertising agency. Not one.

Having ZERO data within this client’s ad account and as a result ZERO targeting to go on, how could we possibly manage to achieve the success we did? Superior knowledge of the platform & superior third party clickfraud technology allowed us to spend only $352 and bring in 125 qualified patient leads for $2.82 when the industry average is $15. What would that do for your practice?

the challenge

  • Lack of Personal injury & overall ROI with previous agencies:
    Our client here had made ZERO dollars in the past 10 years of working with any marketing agency so the initial aim just like every single client we work with was to minimize budget completely. Only this way would we be able to maximise ROI.
  • The client previously had no real way of tracking ROI:
    It’s one thing to obtain ZERO dollars from 10 years worth of marketing agencies but a completely new obstacle when none of the agencies prior had superior tracking software. We had to be absolutely relentless with our usual level of tracking ROI.
  • Our client needed ROI:
    Plain and simple. We were here to show our client that finally he’d found an agency he could trust, and an agency who could consistently make him money.

our heroic solution

  • We drastically reduced budget down to $352:
    Our client’s competitors were spending $3,000 and up largely because they had much larger medical practices and were attorneys. We cut budget by 10 times our client’s top 3 competitors and still ended up taking the majority of high quality patients.
  • Immediately we started tracking phone calls, the length of calls & quality of each potential patient:
    It turned into real power once we knew exactly which patient was coming from which platform. You cannot rely on the patient to accurately tell you where they found your practice.
  • Within the first 47 we brought 4 enormous lifetime patients in:
    We spent $352 for multiple shorter lower value patients and 4 extremely high value patients who invested upwards of $2,000 into the practice. Wouldn’t you disagree this was a fair result for our client?

results speak for themselves

Would it be ridiculous of us to assume results speak for themselves between a marketing agency and a medical & Law practice?

Our client’s success:

  • Increased the volume of leads by just under 1000%
  • Majorly increased the quality of lead by 560%
  • Saved the client another 10 years of horrendous ROI from online advertising.
  • Previous Marketing Agencies
  • Illuminate Digital

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“Callum is an incredible digital marketer, he is a master in creating high quality leads and as a result working with Callum had 17 of new clients come into my business in the first 30 days of working together. I know feel confident in recommending Illuminate digital to anyone”

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