The Aesthetic Surgeonsexclusive cosmetic surgery practice in Chelsea, UK

The goal was 12 new facial patients a month with each patient being valued over £25,000 long term. Our client had tried Google Adwords prior with ZERO phone calls & as a result ZERO patients.

With Google Adwords experience under their belts, we weren’t entirely starting from scratch here. Yet to the client’s benefit, we started receiving phone calls within the first 24 hours of the campaigns going live. ZERO to quite literally HERO in 24 hours.

the challenge

  • Needed high value cosmetic surgery patients from online marketing:
    Our client already has established prominence in Central London with patients travelling from all over Europe to have treatment. However, our client’s competitors with a much lower quality service were taking 95% of high value patients off our client from Google.
  • We needed brand superiority from Google:
    The top 3 competitors weren’t inherently better, and were spending upwards of £5,000 a month on Adwords which took major Google credibility away from our client.
  • Not enough potential patients in London knew about the value our client was providing:
    It really doesn’t matter how much value you’re bringing to the table if potential patients don’t really know who you are. At this current moment in time our client was doing well, but not nearly as well as they wanted in London specifically.

our heroic solution

  • The phone started ringing in the first 24 hours from high quality patients:
    No practice desires fake callers which is the exact opposite of what we provided in the first 24 hours thanks to our Clickfraud technology. Once we positioned the value of what our client was already offering properly, the phone rang right away.
  • Our client’s competitors started slowly falling:
    The only reason our client’s top 3 competitors were winning was because of the enormous budget in comparison to our client they were spending each month. Once we took away the only leverage they had, we put our client where they deserved to be. Position #1 in Google Adwords.
  • We positioned the client where long term where they were extremely difficult to beat:
    The client finally had brand authority on Google in London. As a result we kept layering in stronghold defences so any competitor who desired to seriously compete, would have to spend 5 figures a month minimum to do so.

results speak for themselves

Would it be ridiculous of us to assume that achieve brand level authority on through Google Adwords could dramatically change the level your business is operating at?

Our client’s success:

  • Increased call volume from Google Adwords by 473%
  • Decreased fraudulent clicks by 69%
  • Massively removed the likelihood of serious competition from our client’s top 3 competitors.
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